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Just like the name suggests, Super Mario Run is a superb video game. This app is available for both iOS devices and Android mobile. It is simple to play, exciting and you can get addicted to it quickly. Super Mario Run also has excellent graphics.

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For: iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Android
Find it on: Google Play iTunes

Graphics/ Sound: 4/5

This Google Android and iOS game has incredible graphics. The general appearance of the game is appealing. It has bright colors and creates a visual delight for the players. There are touches of green, yellow, blue, brown and orange which all contribute to the beautiful appearance of the game. The character seems small but jumping through different levels is made attractive by the great graphics. The world around you keeps changing. The awesomeness of this leading video game is complemented by the classic top-notch sound effects.

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Interface and Controls: 3.5/5

The Super Mario Run interface is very convenient and easy to use. As a player, all you need to do is tap on the screen to make Mario, the character, jump. The effectiveness of the tap depends on how long you hold it. Longer taps enable you to jump higher and longer and vice versa for shorter taps. Through the interface, you are allowed to explore four unique modes. I realized that Super Mario Run limits the ability of the player to control Mario. I can only make Mario jump. I can’t move him to the side or any other direction as these features are now done automatically. This makes the interface a little bit confusing, mainly because I’m often surprised by the evolving environment which I have no control over.

Gameplay: 4/5

This App Store and Google Play app for iOS and Android respectively contains in-app purchases. You can unlock characters like Luigi and Toad who are more capable of jumping higher than Mario. Houses, shops and other objects that make the experience great can also be unlocked. Super Mario can be got for free. There is a version that is freely available and one that you have to pay for. The former is not that fun and just meant to help you start the game. Once you exhaust it, you have to update by buying the full version to continue playing this game.  Therefore, you may have to spend some money on this game. Additionally, when you pay for the game, you will not need to make in-app purchases. The replay value is high. I replayed Super Mario many times, and I would replay once again since the game is pretty addictive.

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