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This app for Android devices and iOS gadgets throws gamers into a range of sandbox environments while allowing you to run wild with the several challenges. From devastating the community from within a tank to getting behind a car wheel in a race or raking up as much money as you can – the lead battle sandbox game definitely leaves nothing to chance. Here’s the full review of this app.

This Google Android and iOS mobile app is Game Shakers’ (Nickelodeon show) marketing tie-in. This simple game has varieties of tween humor: from junk food to toilets, and it also features some random quirky objects. Here’s a review of this app.

[Total: 2    Average: 3/5]

For: iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Android
Find it on: Google Play,  iTunes

Graphics / Sound: 4.3/5

This Google Play app for Android and App Store’s iOS version uses intriguing animations alongside cool graphics, both of which make the game fascinating and addictive. However, these visuals may probably be the weakest point of the game since the models are somehow basic. The sound effects of the game will make you play it over and over, and you’re free to choose the background music for your gameplay. his category scores a 4.3/5.

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Interface and Controls: 4.8/5

The feature that contributes significantly to the iOS and Android app’s ease of use is the user interface which I find to be quite relatable and easy to navigate. Within a few minutes after installing the game on my device, I was already cruising in a tank. Furthermore, I also find the bird’s eye view quite appealing. The straightforward and equally convenient game controls are also worth mentioning. On user interface and controls, the app earns a 4.8/5.

Gameplay: 4.9/5

The gameplay seems to have derived its inspiration from GTA. However, it’s broken down into additional small gameplay pieces as opposed to a continuous game based on a story. The game features 50 campaign events characterized by massive gang battles, epic tank duels, and rocket car races.

The game is free, but it comes with several in-app purchases with the most expensive one being the Unlimited Coins that go for $79.99. The cheapest purchases, on the other hand, are the 200 coins, Disable Ads, and the Unlock Episode 3, all of which go for $4.99. The latest version comes with bug fixes so to get rid of the hang that occurs when the device goes into sleep mode; you’ll be required to update your current version.

Notably, the game’s high replay value is in action-filled gameplay. The challenges alongside the numerous campaign events will keep you playing over and over.  What’s more, the app works with iOS gadgets while also coming as an app for almost all Android devices. Therefore, it is compatible with Android mobile devices (running Android 4.0.3 and up)  and iPod touch, iPhone, and iPad  (iOS 9.0. and above is required). On the gameplay, I would rate the app at 4.9/5.

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