Minecraft. Create, Explore, Survive

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The Minecraft app for Android mobile and iOS devices is a video game that enables you to create structures such as homes and castles. It is not only entertaining but also educative. It requires a lot of creativity, and this ultimately helps to sharpen your thinking.

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For: iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Android
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Graphics/Sound: 3.5/5

The graphics in this iOS and Google Android app give it a powerful appeal. They are uniquely done, and unlike other games, it is effortless for the players to identify with them. They seem very reminiscent of old-school games. Overall, they create an excellent appearance for the game. The sounds effects are good, but they can be annoying at times especially as you progress through the game for long. However, they leave you with memorable events, and you can easily get addicted to them.

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Interface and Controls: 4/5

The Minecraft iOS and Android app is very easy to play. The interface is very interactive and usable. As a player, you are allowed to use your imagination and creativity to build something that interests you. Through the interface, there are several ideas that you can develop with the help of several tools. You are not limited to anything. For instance, I managed to build a world that to me seems perfect. Most importantly, there are no rules to what you do during the game. You can control all the movements. However, while playing on a small screen, executing the controls can be difficult. The interface also allows for convenient navigation as you play.

Gameplay: 4/5

Minecraft is adventurous which makes its gameplay top-notch. Minecraft comes in two versions. There is one which is free to get and another one that you must pay for. The former is recommended for sampling the game. However, it gives you an almost similar experience to the other version. The paid version provides all the game’s functionality. The App Store app for iOS and Google Play app for Android devices contains in-app purchases. The purchases include Minecraft Coins which you can buy to spend on various content in the game. This app also has high replay value. Replaying it is interesting since you can refine existing ideas to perfection or develop and implement new ones.

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