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This game is designed by RockYou Inc. studio, a developer of strategies, card games, casual games and simulators like Kitchen Scramble. The game can be interesting not only for those who enjoy cooking but for those, who are travellers and businessmen inside. You can use your creative talents to cook any kind of dishes and travel around the entire world with your business, get scores and beat your previous results. Get the latest version of Kitchen Scramble for iOS and Android and get to know it better.

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For: iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Android
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Graphics / Sound: 3/5

The game graphics are bright and Disney-like. The game resembles good old cartoons for those who are a bit older than millennials. There is no background music, as far as I noticed. Kitchen Scramble sounds are unobtrusive and somewhat relaxing sounds of foods being washed, chopped, grilled or boiled. It is a nice Android and iOS product for those who can meditate in the kitchen and improve their time management skills. From time to time you can hear coins popping on the table – it means the customers are satisfied with the meal and you get more points. I cannot say the graphics are boring – there are over 60 various places you are to visit with memorable names, such as Pittsburger, Squashington and other. You can select from more than 280 ingredients to cook from and meet interesting characters throughout the game levels. However, for me it looks a bit childish, I personally would appreciate a more grown-up design with better detalization for such a game and would like some light music in the background. My estimation is 3.

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Interface and Controls: 4/5

The Kitchen Scramble game interface can be called extremely user-friendly and kids friendly. At the first level, you get enough explanation of what is going on. The game cannot be called either too sophisticated or too plain, it is good for entertainment without much stress and creative thinking. Your first customers are likely to order only simple mono-component dishes, so all you need at the level 1 is to tap over the product and put it into the oven or in the frying pan. The game becomes more complicated in dealing with products, recipes and time management as you unlock more foods and appliances in the gameplay. Some players noted that it happens way to fast. All-in-all my mark is 4 for simple controls and somewhat messy movement to higher levels.

Gameplay: 3/5

The Kitchen Scramble gameplay would be appreciated by different player categories: from kids to office staff and homemakers. It provides a nice opportunity for hobby-based entertainment on your mobile device. The game is available for get for free but has a vast number of in-app purchases for unlocking appliances, products or moving to the next level – if you haven’t earned enough points. You can replay levels to cook and sell faster, get more points and improve your results. The only serious drawback of the game is a lot of random bugs on various devices. I have played for an hour or so, and the game crashed once. Google Play and App Store reviews inform about crashes and a lot of other issues. This makes me put 3 out of 5.

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