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Geometry Dash is an action game with a catchy music theme. You are expected to move through a square-like platform as you overcome the obstacles on the way. Mastering the art of winning requires a lot of practice and focus.

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For: iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Android
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Graphics/Sound: 4/5  

The graphics of this app are seemingly simple, but they have been uniquely integrated into the game. This iOS and Android app uses 2D graphics. Jumping and flying as you overcome the obstacles is fun, all thanks to the incredible music. As you progress through different levels, you will notice the unique soundtracks. The theme colors are very interesting and in line with the concept of the game.

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Interface and Controls: 4/5

Geometry Dash has a very usable interface. As a player, you are allowed to customize your characters via the respective icons and availability of the different colors. Following instructions of the game is straightforward. You are provided with a practice mode which lets you learn the moves before playing the game. On the screen, there is a counter that shows you the number of times that you have failed.

This should act as a motivator to help you perform better. The music also provides clues for the pattern of the game. The interface allows you to execute your own controls. There is an avatar which, when touched, allows you to jump and avoid the obstacles.  Additionally, there is a level creation mode where you can create your own levels. All these factors promote convenience which suits the genre of this app.

Gameplay: 4/5

This Google Play app for Google Android and App Store app for iOS comes in two versions. There is one that is free to play and another one that you have to pay for. This app can be got for free on both Android and iOS devices. The free to play version has fewer levels, but it’s excellent for helping you sample the game and get a taste of what it offers. The paid version contains additional elements.

For instance, the number of levels is high. Additionally, you are provided with an online editor for the levels.  Geometry Dash does not contain in-app purchases. In spite of Geometry Dash being entertaining, it can also be challenging. I want to replay the game due to its complexity and entertainment value. It’s not forgiving, and that’s what makes you want to keep playing it. If you make a simple mistake, you have to restart that particular level.

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