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Cooking Fever is an iOS and Android App designed to help you manage time as you cook different varieties of food. The complexity and intensity of this game increase as you progress. Preparing food becomes difficult, and customers demand for it within a short period.

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For: iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Android
Find it on: Google Play,  iTunes

Graphics/ Sound: 4.2/5

I find the graphics of Cooking Fever unusual and unique. The 3D graphics have been used to bring out the real appearance of a hotel whereby food is prepared and delivered to the customers.  The mixture of colors is terrific. The chef’s costumes and the various foods all designed amazingly to have a real life resemblance. The sounds incorporated into this iOS and Google Android app are excellent and represent the action taking place. For instance, as you pour tea into a cup, a trickling sound is produced. These aspects give the game an appealing appearance.

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Interface and Controls: 4/5

Cooking Fever has a very usable and interactive interface. The UI is very clear and concise which makes the game easy to play. The intuitiveness of the interface is also exemplary. The cooking theme is comprehensible and identifiable with the player. The responsiveness provided by the UI cannot be underestimated. Rarely will this game freeze or take hours to load while playing. The execution of a move takes place instantly. Consistency is also guaranteed, and you can predict the patterns and what buttons and icons would be used for different functionalities. All these features provide you with a great experience and convenience. Additionally, you can execute controls by determining the actions which must take place to improve the preparation and delivery of food to the customers. With such a UI, you can smoothly progress to the various levels quickly.

Gameplay: 4.3/5

Cooking Fever’s gameplay is exemplary. It contains in-app purchases that are meant to make you have an awesome experience.  You can buy tools such as a frying pan and table tops to upgrade your business. Notably, they increase productivity. This game also comes for free. You do not have to pay money to access it. All you have to do is keep updating it for enhanced usability.  It has very high replay value. With each replay, you earn more points and increase your skills to advance to other levels. You can play this game offline on iOS and Android devices.  

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