Payback 2 Review. Enjoy Smartphone Battle Thrill

This app for Android devices and iOS gadgets throws gamers into a range of sandbox environments while allowing you to run wild with the several challenges. From devastating the community from within a tank to getting behind a car wheel in a race or raking up as much money as you can – the lead battle sandbox game definitely leaves nothing to chance. Here’s the full review of this app.

This Google Android and iOS mobile app is Game Shakers’ (Nickelodeon show) marketing tie-in. This simple game has varieties of tween humor: from junk food to toilets, and it also features some random quirky objects. Here’s a review of this app.

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Grand Theft Auto: Vice City: Legendary Car Racing Game Is Back. Now On Your Phone

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City for PS was a leading PS game in my opinion. In fact, it was my favorite game at the time of its release back in the year 2002. This is why I was excited to hear that there is a mobile device version. However, the app did not live up to all my expectations as I hoped it would. I explain why in this review.

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