Full Review of Nyan Cat. Lost In Space

This Google Android and iOS application is an ideal pass time, and App Store describes it as the most appreciated and most popular Nyan Cat game. Here’s the full review of the app.

This Google Android and iOS mobile app is Game Shakers’ (Nickelodeon show) marketing tie-in. This simple game has varieties of tween humor: from junk food to toilets, and it also features some random quirky objects. Here’s a review of this app.

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Disney Crossy Road – a must-have 8-bit adventure and a Disney geek’s dream

This action-and-adventure game is a good old Crossy Road with your favorite Disney characters and themes. Very few games were able to make such a buzz on Google Play and App Store as this one. Created by Australian-based development company Hipster Whale, this product presents a hundred of characters to pick from, stylish graphics and surprising tiny notes that any Disney fan would find nice to discover. Get family-friendly Disney Crossy Road for free and you can unlock characters, enjoy challenging gameplay and participate in fair monetization.

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Hungry Shark Evolution: Go On a Frantic Ocean Rampage

I have always enjoyed games where you get to control animals in a feeding frenzy. Seeing the humans get eaten always makes me think about what I would do in such a situation. It is scary to think about, but the reactions the humans have in the game are quite hilarious. Hungry Shark Evolution is one of my top feeding frenzy game. It gives me the thrill I need. Learn more about this game in this review.

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