3D Pinball – cool and realistic variation for devoted fans of pinball

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3D Pinball gaming app developed by Mouse Games enjoyed warm greetings from thousands of users from all over the world. Arcade game enthusiasts, as well as active pinball players, can move their preferences to the next level due to realistic game design, a lot of opportunities and easy controls. The world of miracles on 4 pinball tables full of cool tiny elements – what else could you desire?

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For: iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Android
Find it on: Google Play,  iTunes

Graphics / Sound: 5/5

3D Pinball is one of the most realistic and nicely designed pinball apps available for free get in App Store and Google Play. It is a perfect destination for any of your pinball carvings. All 4 tables have wonderful graphics: Pirates, Wild West, Frozen and Magic – you can choose any of them and enjoy impeccable detalization quality, sharp objects, and realistic moves. The game can be interesting for almost any players regardless of their age, gender and preferences, because graphics are good enough to please even the pickiest mobile gamer. The game sounds are also very good, exactly as I like. All-in-all the app creates an excellent first impression: no bugs, no irrationality in game’s physics or serious limitations. My mark is 5, and I hope yours is too.

Interface and Controls: 5/5

As I mentioned above, there are four tables to choose from. Each of them has its own set of controls and its unique missions – therefore, you are not likely to feel bored, because you can have a unique pinball adventure with every round.

By tapping anywhere on the left of the screen you can control the left flipper, and by tapping on the right – the right one correspondingly.

You are as much in the game as it is possible for a mobile screen: innovative visuals fly over the table and create a comprehensive 3D perspective. Camera panning and zooming create a stunning 3D simulation effect. Another realistic thing about 3D Pinball is in case the ball gets stuck, you can shake the table by shaking your phone to get back to the game. I highly appreciated such a developer’s approach to building a product of exceptional quality, so I cannot rate it with anything lower than 5.

Gameplay: 5/5

The physics is flawless: checked by myself. This is amazing how realistically this game can recreate the mechanism of existing pinball. Instructions and mission systems are good both for a 7-year-old girl and a 28-year-old guy. By attaining goals, you can earn high scores or extra balls. I didn’t notice any in-app purchases, so even if there are some, that are nicely veiled until the time comes, I suppose. You can safely play 3D Pinball completely for free. Talking about replay value, to my mind the game provides it 100%. Each round created unique circumstances, so you can play for years. The game is available for Android, I haven’t noticed it in App Store, if you found one – let us know.


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